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If you are looking for immediate results for your business, or if you are running an existing campaign that is simply not getting  you as many leads as you would expect for your budget, then we can help. Heatwave are Google Certified Partners. That means our staff have been trained to use the newest pay-per-click dashboard to get maximum bang for your buck. We know how to research the best keywords for you and maximize the number of clicks for the lowest amount possible. There are a number of ways of doing this from choosing the correct display networks to targeting more specific demographics.

How it works

If you are not already familiar with PPC advertising then this is how it works. Search engines offer a service that lets you bid for the top position of certain search terms, also know as keywords. Some keywords are more expensive to bid on than others, and this is due to two things.

  1. The amount of competition or number of other business bidding for top spot for the same keyword.
  2. Bad keyword research

At Heatwave we know how to manipulate Google, yahoo and Bing to make sure you are getting the maximum number of clicks for the lowest price per click.

Why use Pay-Per-Click?

Quite simply the reason PPC is so popular is due to the fact it gets businesses results, and quickly. You can expect to start getting enquirers for your business from day one so long as your campaign is set up correctly.

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Things to note:

It should be noted that different businesses within set niches will have completely  different bidding price points. For example the property market in Marbella is over-spilling with Real Estate agents, therefore a PPC campaign will have a very high price per click. I have seen some keywords with prices as much as 1€ to 5€ p/click.

Other niches can wipe out their competition however with a well planned campaign and extensive research and thought should go in to any project before putting in your card details.

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