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Facebook Likes – Spain, Andalucia, Costa del Sol, Granada, Jaen, Ibiza

Getting your new business off the ground as quickly as possible is essential but building up your social network can be a long difficult and sometimes unrewarding process. It often takes many months to get just a couple of hundred Facebook Likes to your new page.

From experience, many local businesses rely on word of mouth type traffic to generate business and more and more potential customers are searching for companies that have a good social presence.

Facebook can also provide good quality backlinks to your main website and Google will reward those with a large social footprint.

Heatwave are offering an outstanding service to kick-start your Facebook page. These are REAL GENUINE likes by people that will often interact with your page, particularly if they find your page of interest. We can target specific people from almost any country in the world, including Spain, Brazil, UK, USA, and many many more…

1000 General Facebook Likes = 50€*

500 European Facebook Likes = 50€*

200 SPANISH Facebook Likes = 100€*

We have been providing social media services since 2011. Our service is fully tested and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you want to quickly and cheaply increase your social media following order today or get in touch via the contact form. We will reply with an invoice and the likes will start as soon as the payment has been confirmed in our account.

*Price is exclusive of IVA at 21%


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How many likes can I order?

You can order as many likes to your page as you want. Please note orders must be in multiples of 1000. IE 5000, 7000, 12000 is OK. 1200, 7500, 13999 is NOT OK

What types of Pages can use this service?

If you run a company or community page on Facebook then this service is for you! We DO NOT ACCEPT any music pages, gambling pages or adult / illegal Facebook pages.

How long do the likes take to hit our page?

We have been doing this for a long time. Our likes will start within 24 hours of the payment being received and are normally completed within 24 hours

Will the likes stay?

These are the highest retention likes you can get. If your likes count drops its due to your content. These are real likes from targeted demographics!

How do I order?

Simply fill in the form above this FAQ section as we will send you an email with an invoice for your order. Once the payment is confirmed we will start the likes.

I made a mistake on my order how do I change it?

If payment has been made then the order has been processed. Unfortunately there is no way to change the order or make a refund. If you have not yet made payment please contact us with your change request asap.